You may enter a unique submission in any or all categories listed below. Entry submissions may only be entered once, in which contestants may not enter the same submission into more than one category.  Note, you may enter as a team, but you must designate a contact person if the submission is entered on behalf of a group or organization.


The TechSAge Design Competition categories are:

Proposing designed technology solutions for the home environment that support health and healthy activities in support to the healthcare system.

Proposing designed technology solutions to encourage communication, connectedness with people and social activities.

Proposing designed technology solutions to promote physical and cognitive activities, and how activities can promote healthy lifestyles.

Proposing designed technology solutions to facilitate access to activities and/or locations.


Designed technology solutions may be products and/or systems including but not limited to ambient technologies, wearable devices, mobile applications, assistive robots—in the broad areas of design and computation, including industrial design, interaction design, graphic design, human-computer interaction, human factors, software engineering, and artificial intelligence, to mention a few.

Click here for more information about the TechSAge 2017 Design Competition Rules and Regulations.


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Areas of Expertise, Interest, Study etc.

Note Contestants must be students enrolled at post-secondary institution (i.e., college, university) at the time of their submission.

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Note: Enter a single digital PDF format file up to 25 MB in size with the following high resolution components:

**One page describing the conceptual thinking, motivation and concept generation. Please include a description how your TECHNOLOGY DESIGN addresses the aging population with disability needs.
**One page with different views of 3D representation
**One page with solutions described in use (i.e. storyboard/scenario)
**One page describing the material/electronics specifications
**One page describing the implementation plan noting its feasibility/cost if applicable

Only for Phase II, entry submissions should include all the above and the following:
**One page describing the technology components and development
**One page describing the testing and validation of solution with older adults
**A project video of 3-5 minutes following universal design guidelines for videos
**A project poster 20 x 50 inches vertical format following universal design guidelines for posters

*This information will not go to the jury during the judging process. The entry submission will be identified only by the form number.
** These pages must include the project title, be titled accordingly and numbered.